Latest Bedroom Aids Now Give Much Greater Independence

Looking for Disability Aids? Beds aren’t a nightmare

Just how frequently at night time have you or your partner, fidgeted, anxiously looking for a comfortable spot? Possibly it’s actually been a lousy back that has made you do this, or maybe inflammation of the joints or Multiple Sclerosis, I possibly could list out many more. Continue reading

Using Reachers For Independent Living

Elderly, Disabled, Injured? Is housework out of your reach? Are you a carer of someone who is elderly, disabled, injured or someone who has a disabling illness or perhaps you have one of these conditions yourself. If that is so, then you will benefit from this informative article. We’re discussing the variety, great value and multiple benefits of Reachers, often called grabbers. Continue reading

Disability Employers: Charity Helps Local Man

Securing a job is difficult enough for most people in today’s economic climate, when you add to this scenario a disability of any kind, life can become pretty impossible. How heartening therefore to read of a success story. It seems that STEP2Employment is a charity that has found its niche; a way to help disabled people learn new skills, therefore helping them to gain confidence, and hopefully employment. Read on to see what happened to 26 year old Lawrence. Continue reading

Disabled Access On The Railway Networks

I am very fortunate by not being restricted to getting around in a wheelchair, however I have relatives who are. The worst stories that I get to hear about relate to access on public transport facilities and the attitudes of some people working in those sectors.

Quite often my jaw drops in shock, horror and dismay! With the stoic way the stories are related to me by my relatives they might be considered funny if only they weren’t so real! Continue reading