Buckingham Bra Buddy

Have you ever tried to put on a bra by only using one hand?


I would challenge anyone to give it a go. No matter how hard you try to hold onto one end its impossible to bring both ends of the bra together in order to connect the hooks and eyes. In fact donning a bra is tricky for most of us that have the use of both hands so for those who only have the use of one hand being able to carry out this dressing activity has been impossible.

New Buckingham bra buddy

As an Occupational Therapist working with ladies that were recovering from suffering a stroke, it became obvious that despite my training I couldn’t find any solution to this dressing problem. There was no”magic technique” or experienced therapist available to pass on a tried and tested method that would enable the user to dress independently. Despite carrying out extensive research into this area, I couldn’t find anyone that was selling a product that could help with the task.

 What I also noticed with my stroke ladies is that this “simple” task was incredibly frustrating for them because although they could master other dressing techniques to put on their tops or trousers, they always had to ask for someone else (usually their husband or carer), to do up their bra and unless they were happy to wear a flimsy sports bra they often went without. This had a definite impact on their level of self esteem and in some cases by not wearing a bra, that they had been used to doing for decades, it resulted in them feeling in some way.. less feminine.
The difficulty with bra dressing has challenged me for a few years and it has been a difficult problem to resolve. I was keen to ensure that even a patient with a dense hemiplegia would and should be able to dress independently without having to buy an ex pensive adaptive bra or ask for help.
I am really pleased to announce that I have finally solved this problem and will soon be launching a new product to our Buckingham range.  The buckingham bra buddy is one of a kind as it is the only product available that brings both ends of a standard bra together and enables the user to independently put on their bra even if they only have the use of one hand.
 It’s a real breakthrough for ladies and I hope that you will be able to spare a few minutes to watch the demonstration video and see for yourself how the Buckingham bra buddy works.

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