Our Online Store Is Now Even Easier To Use!

The new look to our online store is proving more popular than ever! All the changes that have been made have been driven by our customers needs for a better shopping experience. Along with some behind the scenes updates for faster page loading times, the main improvements have been to:

  • The Home Page Layout – with a graphical layout of all the product categories
  • Improved sidebar navigation
  • Improved Product categorisation
  • New ‘Expert & User’ Advice section
  • New ‘Important’ Links’ section
  • Better VAT exemption information

In a nutshell, what all of this means to you as the user of our online store is a better shopping experience – You now have ‘One Click’ access to the all the product categories via images and graphics. Also the two new sections offer you expert, friendly advice on the things that you need to know. These new sections are all in the left hand sidebar. Have a look here: http://www.buckinghamhealthcare.co.uk/shop/


For those of you who qualify for VAT exemption on certain products, there is now a banner near the bottom of every products page that qualifies, so everything is clearly labelled Not only that, but a new section gives you all the details you need to claim back that VAT: http://www.buckinghamhealthcare.co.uk/shop/vat-relief

With all of these changes we hope that you have an even better shopping experience with us.

If you have any comments, perhaps you would like to connect with us in Facebook: www.facebook.com/DisabilityAids or email us directly: Contact Us

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