Disability Charity Campaigns Against Crime

We all feel strongly about our human rights; and I am sure you would agree that anyone who is disabled should be protected from abuse, and given every opportunity to live a good life, free from intimidation. How many of us can actually say that we do anything about this. This report gives us an insight into what many volunteers from Mencap have been giving up their time to do.

Disability charity visits police station 

“Workers from a disability charity attended a meeting a police station this week as part of national campaign.”

Many people would ordinarily have no idea what the “Stand By Me” pledge meant, if it were not for the action taken by Mencap to promote the idea of protecting disabled individuals against hate crimes. Society and the protectors of society; the police, need the reminders by charity’s like Mencap to keep this kind of vile crime at the top of their agenda, so that this kind of hate crime can be eradicated for good.

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