Life Lessons from Colin Powell & Acts of Kindness

Do you know who Colin Powell is? He came to prominence as the American General in charge of all the ground forces during the first Gulf War in the 1990’s. George Bush was president at the time. Colin Powell has always struck me as an exceptional person with great strength and compassion at the core of all his values. This story spills over from his own life lessons into one of respect and kindness shown in an American community.

This kindness is clearly demonstrated in our own country, particularly to the elderly and disabled. But lets read this article from the USA:

“Former Secretary of State Colin Powell says an elderly Episcopal priest gave him a lesson for life: “Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know.” Powell writes about how that ……In his Mother’s Day story on May 13, Kevin Cuneo wrote about Mary and Ron Huff, who raised four children and served as foster parents to 36 youngsters (four of whom the Huffs adopted). Parents can feel overwhelmed in taking care of their own small nuclear families; imagine being responsible for 40 children. “My mom is awesome,” Chris Huff, 47, says. “She has so much love and is so generous. She and my dad welcomed everyone who came into our home, always making a place at the table. They set a wonderful example…”

SecyPowellIt is always good to have inspirational moments to draw on and this is certainly one of them. For me anyway.

This always draws my mind back to the here and now and the tough but worthwhile job we have to do for those in our own communities that truly need us. In our country we have, relatively speaking, great wealth and prosperity for many and often we can find even more if we look past our own fears for the future.

Those that are elderly and have disability needs

I believe that it is the ability to look past our own fears  that allows us to stretch our minds from focusing on ourselves to paying attention to the plight of others. In particular to those that are elderly and frail as well as to those with disability needs. Let us continue to do so and perhaps, on occasion, lead by example in our deeds for others to see and be inspired.

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