Disabled Access On The Railway Networks

I am very fortunate by not being restricted to getting around in a wheelchair, however I have relatives who are. The worst stories that I get to hear about relate to access on public transport facilities and the attitudes of some people working in those sectors.

Quite often my jaw drops in shock, horror and dismay! With the stoic way the stories are related to me by my relatives they might be considered funny if only they weren’t so real!

disabledaccess-stepsSnippets of these experiences include one time when three bus drivers in a row refused to let one female relative board their buses – leaving her to wait at the bus stop for over 2 hours on a bitter, wet winters day.

Each had the story that they were not able to lower the disabled access ramp for one reason or another (all 3 excuses were later shown to be false!).

Another occasion was where the grandfather and elder daughter, both in wheelchair’s were unceremoniously and begrudgingly shoved into a caged baggage cart, with wheelchairs pushed face on to the walls of the cart – and then left for the two hour journey – no consideration was given to toilet facilities or anything else.

This disheartening experience was provided by the guard on the train and occurred in spite of appropriate arrangements being made in advance to ensure proper disabled access and space.

This is why I have posted the image. My stories are not from some impoverished nation where people are hard bitten and poorly educated, but from here in the UK.

Capacity For Compassion

Surely there is enough knowledge and enough capacity for compassion towards those who have disabilities and their need for disabled access, particularly with regard to public transport facilities and some of the staff. The image itself represents the issues faced by those in America, however I think it is probably true for many nations.

Your Disabled Access Stories

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