The Growth of the UK Disability Aids Market

The UK disability aids market is continuing to expand at a startling rate, despite the dire state of the economy. It seems that products such as mobility scooters, stair lifts and other disability equipment have never been in higher demand.Selection of fictional graphsAccording to studies, this is explained by a person’s ever-increasing life expectancy, which has led to a higher population of elderly individuals. There has also been an increase in the number of disabled people in general, meaning a greater need for disability and healthcare products.

The reason the disability aids market is growing

However, the growth may also be down to the disability aids market improving in general, with more sophisticated products emerging all the time. Having aids they can rely on means disabled people are more likely to stay in their own home, as oppose to going into sheltered or assisted living accommodation. According to statistics revealed by the government, there are around 11 million disabled people living in the UK. Of this figure, almost 40-percent are aged between 19 and 59 years-of-age. It is thought to be this age group that are most likely to rely on disability aids, as living independently will be important to them.
You can find more on our products pages at our Healthcare Products & Mobility Aids for the elderly pages.

Specialist companies provide better solutions

Selling a huge range of disability and mobility aids, Buckingham Healthcare knows very well, how these aids can provide an important lifeline for people living with disabilities. As well as encouraging safe and independent living, these aids can help people continue employment and getting out and about. Disability aids also reduce the likelihood of accidents relating to a disabled person’s limited mobility. Medical professionals run Buckingham Healthcare, so the healthcare products on sale are the very best there is available. Selling everything from eating, bedroom, and bathroom aids, Buckingham Healthcare also sells basic medical dispensers.

Regulated sales of some disability aids

According to statistics, the disability aids market is set to expand even further over the next ten years. Advancements in medical care, as well as improved care for disabled people in general may also explain the continuing rise. Increased protection from mobility aids sales people is also credited with the improvement of the market. Until very recently, there was very little to protect disabled individuals from sales people selling mobility aids. This meant many individuals bought aids that were not fit for purpose or that were completely unsuitable for the person’s needs. However, the government stepped in and following an official investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, the market is now strictly regulated.

An innovative healthcare products provider

Because Buckingham Healthcare is run by people with over 35 years combined medical experience, disabled people can be reassured they are purchasing quality healthcare products. As the market continues to skyrocket, life for disabled people continues to be made that little bit easier with the use of mobility and disability aids.

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