Disability Tips & Tricks: Use A Chair Raiser Set

If you or a loved one are have trouble getting up from a seating position, buying a well-made set can be an easy and affordable solution to the problem. Raising a chair’s height can make it more accessible and comfortable to people with injuries or disabilities. It’s also a great way to make the elderly more comfortable in their home.

Chair RaiserA Chair Raiser Set Makes For Better Living

Living with limited mobility doesn’t have to be such a struggle the whole time. Disability aids like chair raiser sets, make it possible for people with injuries and mobility problems to live full and independent lives. Getting new furniture is expensive and not necessary. Whether you are in need of help or you have a loved one who needs special furniture, using a high-quality chair raiser on each furniture leg is the simplest way to transform standard furniture into personalized seating for people who are experiencing physical challenges. Plus these are perfect for raising both bed and table heights too.

A Chair Raiser Set Is A Low Cost Option

Unlike most types of mobility equipment or custom-made furnishings, a quality set of these is very affordable and accessible to people of all income levels. Even if you plan to buy more complex mobility equipment in the future, using chair raisers until you purchase it is a great temporary solution. Whether they have temporary injuries or an ongoing health condition, using seating furniture is one of the most common problems among people with limited mobility. Raising furniture heights can make sitting down and getting up much easier and safer.

More Comfortable & Safer To Use

Extra cushions are often used as a way to heighten seating furniture, but they are not a practical or a safe solution for elderly people or people with physical disabilities. Additional cushions can make seating uncomfortable and shorten the length of the space between the seat height and armrests. Armrests make getting up easier and provide protection from accidental falls, so they should not be obstructed with cushions. Using a professionally made chair raiser is a much better solution because it makes seating furniture more accessible without changing the way it looks or feels.

Ensure Yours Is A Quality Chair Raiser Option

Chair raiser sets are available in a wide variety of brands and designs from individual blocks to interconnected raisers. It’s important to choose a product that won’t slide around on the floor and that can give the height you are looking for. Because furniture can be replaced and people’s physical needs can change, it’s best to get chair raisers that can be adjusted if necessary. Quality is another factor that you need to consider when selecting a chair raiser. In order to avoid buying badly made products, it’s best to shop at reputable stores that offer a guarantee of quality.

Where To Get Them

The Internet offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to mobility equipment. Buckingham Healthcare is one of the most trusted providers of disability aids like chair raisers. The Buckingham raiser sets can be used on many different types of furniture including chairs, beds and couches. One chair raiser set includes four individual units that can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of all people with limited mobility. If you have a physical disability or have a loved one who needs help getting around his home, getting a Buckingham chair raiser set can make all the difference.
You can get more details about the product specifics on our ordering pages at Buckingham Chair Raiser Set & Acessories

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