Types Of Walking Aids For The Elderly

Unfortunately, a normal part of aging for many elderly people is the contraction of conditions that have an impact on the ability to walk unaided, and for this reason many of these people must begin using walking aids for the elderly.

BuckinghamCaddyonWalkingFrameSome conditions, such as forms of arthritis and bone fractures, make walking (along with other activities) a serious and often painful challenge for those that suffer from them. Walking aids for the elderly can provide great relief and convenience, although in order to pick one that’s right for you, you have to understand that there are several kinds and that you will need to make choose from them. The different types of available walking aids mostly vary in how much support they provide.

The single-point cane is the most popular type of walking aids for the elderly and the one that provides the least support for the affected leg, as it still allows its user to put some weight on it. The walker provides the most support, although is also the most cumbersome. Walkers are also quite common, and are intended for those with poor balance and upper body strength.The quad cane, however, is a mix between a single point cane and a walker, providing much more support than the single-point cane but not the full support of a walker.

The knee walker is one of the less common walking aids for the elderly, although it is the most efficient in terms of speed and safety. The knee walker is a good alternative to the walker when speed is an issue and using either type of canes is not an option. Lastly, crutches are also an option for walking aids for the elderly, although definitely a less attractive one for some. Crutches allow for the elimination of weigh on the effected leg(s), although require good stability and upper body strength, something which most elderly people lack.

Knowing the different types of walking aids for the elderly will allow you to make a good choice to suit the needs of you or a loved one who suffers from a condition affecting the ability to walk. Picking the appropriate type of walking aid will ensure that getting around will cause little to no pain or other issues, and will greatly improve quality of life. There is no need to suffer when there are plenty of walking aids for the elderly that are available to assist you or your loved one, so be sure to evaluate your choices and make the appropriate purchase and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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